The Español Experience​

Conversational Spanish for Kids 

You open a whole new world for your child when you enroll them in The Español Experience, Your Partner in Raising Bilingual Kids.

Your child will look forward to fun, weekly classes where the emphasis is on conversational Spanish; where kids start to quickly experience success; and where they learn Spanish in a natural, comfortable way, as they interact with nurturing teachers and other children. 

Soon you’ll notice that your child is taking pride in being able to share Spanish words and phrases and point them out to you when they see or hear them.  Plus, with regular tips and strategies from The Español Experience, you’ll be empowered to help accelerate your child’s learning and confidence at home. 

Register your child in  The Español Experience today. 

They'll say gracias  tomorrow. 

​​But why choose Spanish as your child's second language? 

Spanish is one of the major languages spoken around the world, making it a really practical choice. 

Children studying Spanish are more attuned to the second language around them. And these contextual encounters make a big difference! When Spanish students hear the new  language spoken around them, see signage in Spanish, or hear Spanish in a song or a TV show, it supports their learning and renews their motivation to keep improving their skills. 


Studies show that bilingual children consistently outperform other kids in areas like:

  • Cognitive development
  • Perspective taking
  • Decision making
  • Socialization  skills

As children grow up, being bilingual also means:

  • Better performance in  school
  • Greater career options
  • Richer  travel experiences
  • Increased ability to successfully interact with people of diverse backgrounds​


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