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For Hispanic-American parents, having your child speak Spanish is a prime way to keep alive family cultural traditions and pass them on to the next generation.  

So why don’t more Hispanic-American kids speak Spanish?  Lots of reasons.

Finding time to teach children Spanish at home can be difficult.   Or children don’t seem motivated.  Or they may understand Spanish when it’s spoken to them, but refuse to speak it. They may not have friends their age who speak Spanish. And if only one parent at home speaks Spanish, the task is even harder.

In the meantime, with each year that passes, the likelihood that Latino children will embrace Spanish and grow proficient diminishes. 

There are lots of other advantages to learning Spanish. Studies show that bilingual children consistently outperform other children in areas like:​

  • Cognitive development
  • Perspective taking
  • Decision making
  • Socialization  skills

As they grow up, being bilingual also means:

  • Better performance at school
  • Greater career options
  • Richer  travel experiences
  • Increased ability to successfully interact with people of diverse backgrounds​ 

Register your child in The Español Experience today.

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Your child will look forward to fun, weekly classes where the emphasis is on conversational Spanish, where they'll  quickly begin to experience success, and where they learn in a natural, comfortable and fun way.

Soon you’ll notice that your child is taking pride in their ability to speak Spanish.  What's more, with regular tips and strategies from The Español Experience designed especially for parents who speak some Spanish, you’ll be empowered to help accelerate your child’s learning and confidence at home.