The Español Experience​


Our instructors are experienced, native speakers.  In addition, they all grew up as bilingual kids, speaking both English and Spanish. They're committed to helping your child become bilingual because they've experienced its benefits firsthand. 

Children who speak more than one language enjoy academic, cultural and social benefits that exceed those of peers who speak just one language. 

For Hispanic parents, The Español Experience is also an exciting opportunity to connect your child to their ancestral language, enabling them to communicate with abuelitos and other Spanish-speaking relatives and giving them a greater sense of pride in their ethnic heritage. ​

Make this the year you give your child a new way to soar.  Join us today at The Español Experience, Your Partner in Raising Bilingual Kids.™

Welcome to The Español Experience, a new, fun, easy way to give your child a great advantage—the ability to speak Spanish!

The Español Experience features lively, fast-paced classroom activities; teaching techniques that jump start conversations; classroom visits from Spanish-speaking artists and performers; regular email tips for parents; and Spanish-themed field trips for the whole family, all designed to help you raise a bilingual child.  

Does your child already know a little Spanish or hear it spoken by relatives?  At The Español Experience they'll quickly improve their speaking skills and make new friends who speak Spanish too.

If your child is  new to Spanish, The Español Experience is a unique, innovative way to give them a rich and authentic learning experience that they'll look forward to every week. 

PLEASE NOTE:   While we practice social distancing, classes are offerend online.  For details, please see the ​​ Home Page  

Conversational Spanish for Kids